Comedy Hour: A Show That is an Hour and a Half


Saturday, May 28


China Cloud Studios

Doors Open


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COMEDY HOUR - A Comedy Show That Is An Hour And A Half with your host Ese Atawo and special guests!

THE CLOCK IS TICKING - Improvisors and stand up comedians are given a specific amount of time to perform whatever they want onstage with inspiration from the audience. When time is up it is UP and Ese will get them off the stage however she damn well please!


Produced By:

Ese Atawo


Ronald Dario

Nima Gholamipour

Alyssa Hirose

Cari Leslie

Josh Ssettuba


Stand Up:

Andrea Jin

Curt Da Silva

Mufario Mbudzi

Randee Neumeyer

Michelle Nnadi

Age 19+