Crumby Comedy


Monday, February 19


Portland Craft

Doors Open


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Crumby Comedy is weekly a Pro/Am stand-up show run by Jake Spencer, Megan Milton and Bradley Sakawski consisting of a showcase of our favourite stand-up comics followed by the LIGHTNING ROUND. A chaotic, rapid-fire section of the show where we let any idiot do 2 minutes of comedy.


Lightning Round comics get called at random from the back of the room with a bullhorn and are hit with a mix of sound effects, sound bites and background music to enhance or heckle comic’s sets. There’s elaborate lighting, there are movie clips, there’s a theme song and there’s a whole lot of confused comics.



Hosted By:

Megan Milton, Jake Spencer & Bradley Sakawsky


Simon King

Sean McDonnell

Amber Harper-Young

UK Shah

Greta Lin

Age 19+

Wheelchair Accessible