Just For Laughs VANCOUVER is proud to be a part of JFL ORIGINALS – a record label that showcases the best in Canadian comedy.



Recorded in different cities across North America, each multi-comic album spotlights Canada’s rich pool of diverse comedic talent.


Give our Stand-Up B.C. Albums a listen: 

Stand-Up B.C.

Grossly Underfunded Circus

Recorded live in August 2021

at Little Mountain Gallery in Vancouver, B.C.




Alannah Brittany

Dave Maclean

Sunee Dhaliwal

Dan Quinn

Sharon Mahoney

Tin Lorcia

Andrea Jin

Stand-Up B.C.

Yee-Haw Hell Yeah

Recorded live in March 2022

at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver, B.C.




Malik Elassal

Chris Griffin

Rachel Schaefer

Ross Dauk

Steev Letts

Sophia Johnson

Jacob Samuel 

Jane Stanton

Stand-Up B.C.

Poor Man’s Hummus

Recorded live in March 2022

at Heckler’s Bar & Grill in Victoria, B.C.




Chris Betts

Mikey Dubs

Syd Bosel

Bryan O’Gorman

Wes Borg

Shane Priestly

Emily Woods

Wonky-Eyed Seal

Stand-Up B.C.

Wonky-Eyed Seal

Recorded live in May 2022

at the PAL Studio Theatre in Vancouver, B.C.




Myles Anderson

Marlene Swidzinski

Simon King

Erica Sigurdson

Tyler Middleton

Randee Neumeyer

Marito Lopex

Ed Hill