Desi Comedy Fest – On Tour


Tuesday, February 20


The Biltmore

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Desi Comedy Fest, America's premier South Asian comedy extravaganza, takes its uproarious show on tour! Co-created by visionary comedians Abhay Nadkarni and Samson Koletkar in San Francisco Bay Area, this is the biggest South Asian comedy festival in America and celebrates subcontinental diversity with punchlines that transcend boundaries. Catch them on their debut show Desi Comedy Fest On Tour at Just For Laughs, Vancouver—where cultural hilarity meets international acclaim.
Abhay Nadkarni: Born in Delhi, raised in Doha and Bangalore, Abhay infuses his stand-up with a third culture perspective. From prestigious stages like Just For Laughs, Montreal, to a dedicated following of 100k on Instagram and TikTok, his unique comedy resonates globally. Co-founder of Desi Comedy Fest, Abhay, alongside Samson, has taken this laughter extravaganza on a worldwide tour, leaving audiences in stitches.
Samson Koletkar, a.k.a. Mahatma Moses: The World's only Indian Jewish Stand-Up Comedian, Samson crafted his comedic journey from Mumbai to San Francisco, blending tech expertise with a flair for laughter. As co-founder, he envisioned Desi Comedy Fest, America's premier South Asian Comedy Festival, captivating 12,000+ audiences, featuring 100+ comedians globally, and extending laughter across continents.



Alisha Dillon: Alisha Dillon is an up and coming stand up comedian based in the Bay Area, California and occasionally in Vancouver, BC. She’s known for her savagely blunt style on stage and ability to make people laugh at difficult topics. Her recent credits include recording a 30 minute Comedy Invasion special, a run at The Edinburgh Fringe, and she is currently the only 2 Title Holder in the Comedy Ring Roast Battle Federation..


Amar Sing: Amar Singh is one of the best comedians in the world at being funny. Delightfully absurd and shockingly honest, he is a consistent crowd favourite. He’s been featured on JFL Northwest, Off-JFL, SiriusXM, and once opened for Michael Winslow.



UK Shah: UK Shah is an Indian comedian based in Vancouver, known for his hilarious material on immigrant life, cultural adaptation, and the quirks of modern society. His approach is don't take anything in life too seriously. One of the fastest rising comics in the city, his performances resonate with audiences as he weaves between quick one liners and real life anecdotes which lead to him performing at the Just For Laughs Vancouver. He is passionate about comedy and has established two weekly comedy shows in Vancouver. UK brings a fresh insight to the stage that is guaranteed to leave audiences entertained, enlightened, and eager for more.​

Age 19+