Mufaro Mbudzi’s Scheduled Meditation


Saturday, February 24


The Red Room

Doors Open


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Scheduled Meditation is the comedy, fashion and wellness brand created by Mufaro Mbudzi, designer and standup comedian featured at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, JFL Vancouver, and top comedy clubs all over Canada.


Join Mufaro as he hosts a lineup of talented comedians, and browse through a selection of garments from the official Scheduled Meditation store, showcased on major international runways such as Vancouver Fashion Week and Fashion Art Toronto. Prepare for a wild, laughter filled-night, followed by guided meditation.




Hosted By:
Mufaro Mbudzi


Kevin Von Helvete

Alannah Brittany

Providence Ndizeye

Randy Jernidier

Rachel Schaefer

Robert Peng

Shaun Gawa

Age 19+

Wheelchair Accessible