Ola Dada’s Black Out Comedy: Early


Thursday, February 22


Portside Pub

Doors Open


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Blackout Comedy: A Celebration of Diversity and Laughter" Blackout Comedy is a groundbreaking comedy show that joyously celebrates black inclusion, success, and the richness of diversity.


With its high-energy performances and infectious enthusiasm, the show brings together a talented team of comedians to create uproarious laughter and foster inclusivity. Through relatable humor and genuine experience , the show explores the triumphs and challenges of Black individuals and other visible minorities, challenging stereotypes and promoting understanding.


Join the celebration, laughter, and unity with Blackout Comedy.



Hosted By:

Ola Dada


Henok Meresa

Akeem Hoyte Charles

Faris Hytiaa

Amar Singh

Nnamdi Okaa

Chelsea Hipolito

Age 19+